Les Arbres du Futur

Trees for the futur

parc laduf lac et mer
CPL 009
PARC CCC 018 fr randonnées
PARC CCC 020 fr vogels
CPL 002

Dear Laduf friends,

You have chosen a unique opportunity 

investing directly in a promising project.

You want to feel like a real collaborator

instead of a simple donor.

With an investment of 500 €

you help quickly realize this beautiful project

To thank you

you'll get your ccc/laduf

membership card


We keep a nice little garden

ready for you.

Right next to

Lake Salses Leucate

and the Méditerranean Sea.

You'll come to visit us

and follow the evolution of the project Laduf

and this during several weeks,

even a whole month if you want ... 

- Your payement is valid for 2 years,

I participate, I pay 

after payment, I'll be back here

to fill in the form below 

I want to be informed about availability
i want to be informed about all the activities

For more information please contact us  :