Les Arbres du Futur

Trees for the futur

Protect nature ...

Contribute to a better future ...

Give encouraging prospects to the next generation ...

Everybody is talking about it ...

And you, what are you really doing ???

Here is a cool idea 


You'll be participating in a tree plantation 

but not without having your own profit !

That's the principle of 'crowdfunding'

If you invest money in a bank, you are not personally committed ... and you blindly trust the bank.

With crowdfunding,

you personally choose a project.

You also don't feel just like a donor to a charity.

You decide to embark on a project that you believe in.

You really participate!

You also evolve with the project and

you can feel it because

the interest on your investment is higher than in a bank.

You do not have a bank guarantee, but you have the guarantee of all these volunteers who are involved in the project and above all: your own instinct.

Choose what suits you best:

50 € or 100 € for a sponsorship

150 € for a week

500 € a month with your motorhome with us

or 1.500 € or 3.000 €

to have a 'pied a terre' for 3 or 5 years,

next to the Lac de Salses Leucate and the Mediterranean!

I'm the initiator of this project,

Offer me your support !